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Metropoint Studio

Metropoint Studio began with an exuberant vision - To see local Filipino talents express their art freely and have it stand on shoulder with professional recording artists worldwide in terms of both creativity and in production quality. Thus it has become our mission to provide you, the artist only the best professional recording experience and output at a price that every local musician can reach.

what we do


Make Metropoint Studio your next  go to rehearsal & jamming studio! Along with the acoustically treated space, you and your group will be given access to all our musical equipment to make your next session the best one.

Rehearsals, jamming and photo session 


This is where your masterpiece begins its journey and will ultimately dictate the maximum potential of the recording. That is why we've been meticulous and detailed in engineering a high quality acoustic environment along with industry standard equipment and software to ensure that the mix is made beginning at its source. 

Vocal recording for soundtrack or voice over, Instrument

(e.g. guitar, drums, & bass), and midi programming. 

(e.g. synthesizers or virtual instruments)


This is the stage where your tracks gets sorted out and pieced together. Each instrument and vocal recording is cleaned up and placed where they belong on the stereo field. Mistakes made on this stage will carry over even to the mastering phase. 

Level balance, audio processing

(e.g. equalization, compression), & clean-up.


The final stage of audio production. Final screening and adjustments are performed here to prepare your creative work for distribution on various platforms. 

Final checks, tone adjustments, level adjustment & metadata 

OUR Clients

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