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two bedroom

Welcome to Your new home in the city

Our Two Bedroom Condo features two dedicated bedrooms, toilets and your own living/dining room to accommodate the entire family with plenty of space to spare. This unit is also equipped with its own kitchen to create your delicious home cooked meals for the whole family. Feel at home in the city with the Two Bedroom Condo!


This room is equipped with

54 sq.m | One Double Bed | One Double Deck Bed | Two Single Beds | Curtains & Windows | Two Toilets | Sofa | Dining Table | *Kitchen & Sink | Balcony | Fully Air-Conditioned Room | Refrigerator  Hot & Cold Shower | Electronic Safe | Thermos | Soap & Shampoo | Towels | Wifi Connection    Smoke Alarm | Cable Television | Telephone

*Cooking is reserved for monthly guests

*Daily guests are not allowed to cook in the room

amenities & Services

Swimming Pool | Restaurant & Coffee Shop | Spacious Parking | Function Rooms

Panoramic Shaded Roof Deck | Room Service | Dental Clinic | Laundry | Recording Studio


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